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We all know a good selfie can make you go viral on Instagram! Friends will love taking selfies with you if you make them look pretty! The key to a good photograph are composition, exposure and well of course, lighting! With our portable LED Selfie Ring Light Pro you can eliminate those ugly harsh shadows to create soft, naturally glowing, flawless selfies! Whether you’re outdoors in bright sunlight, at a nightclub or after party, or camping in complete darkness, you can experience the difference this can make to your pictures and videos!

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Our Selfie Ring Light comes with 3 Brightness Levels and 36 Long Lasting LED’s that give you enough light for your selfie. Just short press the power button to switch to another lighting level. It’s Multi-functionalportable design easily fits in your pocket or bag!

Now you can create videos in the night and take high fidelity pictures in darkness. You can even do Skype sessions, live videos or makeup tutorials from your smartphone, iPad or laptop, or use it as an emergency torch or bed lamp.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a few for yourself and your friends, so you can create gorgeous, fashionable selfies every single time!


  • Look Flawless: This amazing ring light gives soft illumination eliminating those ugly shadows, instead of the harsh light of your camera phone which is a strict no-no. It’s like having a professional studio photographer by your side whenever you feel the urge to take a selfie.
  • 36 Long-lasting LED Bulbs: in a compact ring design complement your smartphone when flawless, professional quality pictures are required. Whether you’re single or in a group, night or day, you can create better pictures for your Instagram instantly!

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